Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I am such a freakin' follower...

or... I was bored to tears at work, today.

First, I promised pictures of my caramel apple cupcakes. Well, can't do. They turned out fine, tastewise, but looks wise? Not so much. I should have known better than to try and doctor up my usual buttercream. It turned out too runny and since I didn't have green sprinkles, I tinted the buttercream. Well... a little bit of food color goes a long way, and they were definitely bright green. And, since the buttercream was too runny, I ended up just kind of shmearing it on top, and then dunking it into brown sugar. So, back to the drawing board on the buttercream, but as for flavor? Yeah, these cupcakes are a keeper.

Second.... that's what makes me a follower.... I remember seeing all kind of things felt over the last year or so. Now, I didn't much care to include felt on my LOs. I have bunches of felt for scrapbooking, but really.... it's still all in the box. And actual felting? Seemed rather labor intensive and tedious... not my thing either. But somehow...I stumbled upon this blog a while ago. Don't even know where and how... just remember seeing the gal was from Omaha, and so I started reading. And she does the cutest, most adorable little felt flower bouquets. Anyway, flowers are good, but then she did cupcake appliques. Oh, so cute! I am not usually one for embroidery and hand stitching and all that fun stuff, but somehow, those cupcakes stayed in the back of my mind.

Long story short, this morning I just knew things would be slow at work and so I packed up some supplies. And sure enough, 1 hour into things, not a customer in sight.... I started stitching. And it was really fun and relaxing. So, without further ado, here are my cupcakes. The non-calorie kind.

Now I am off to bed. I have to work tomorrow and have a photography class tomorrow. Sooo excited about that.

Have a good one.


Nat said...

those are cute!!! Can't wait to see you tomorrow. Are you coming by beforehand?

Daniela said...

Wow, I am impressed about your needlework! They still look delicious, though.

KimmyS said...

heck girl - your felt cupcakes are just as delicious as your food ones!
Fabulous work!

CB said...

Ah bummer to hear the cupcakes didn't come out right :(
Clara @ i♥cuppycakes!