Friday, December 12, 2008

Lazy blogger here...

really, I meant to post, but with it being winter and the weather crappy, I didn't have decent light for pictures. I finally managed to get everything photographed this post will be picture heavy. Bear with me.

Without further ado, my pages for my pages for Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas Class.

December 5: Counting down

December 6: The "not so good"...

December 7: To do list

December 8: Sights of the season

December 9: Traditions

December 10: Gift wrap-sorry, no picture on the left page yet. I am planning on taking a picture of the gifts under the tree.

December 11: Real or Fake?

December 12: Same old...

Have a good one.


Franzi said...

Du hast einen unechten Tannenbaum? Wow! Den hätt ich ja wohl zu gerne gesehen. Ich überlege jedes Jahr, schließlich kaufen wir aber doch einen echten ;)

Kerstin said...

Tolles, stimmungsvolles Album Liz. Urgemütlich vorweihnachtlich.