Monday, December 29, 2008

Just a short update....

1) Mom is still in the hospital. Surgery was scheduled for tomorrow, but her surgeon got sick. Go figure. So things are kind of up in the air right now.

2) Trouble #3 is good for me. He is making me get out and walk. We go for a long walk in the morning, about 45 minutes to an hour. The weather has been beautiful, cold but dry, so walking and soaking up the sun has been great. Even though it is hard every morning to leave my super soft, warm, cozy bed and get all bundled up.

3) I am totally excited about the fact that my "Journal Your Christmas" album with Shimelle is absolutely up to date. I am all caught up. Okay, there is one photo missing, but heck... I am right on schedule, can't wait for tomorrows prompt. I will post pictures hopefully tomorrow. By the time we got home today, the light was too poor to get decent pictures.

4) Trouble #1, #2, #3 (yes, even he came along) and I had Christmas Dinner at Nat and her DH's house. I can't remember the last time I had turkey with all the fixin's. It was delish. I was so stuffed I hurt. But, ohhhhh!, it was delish. And T#3 did great, considering he had to climb all the way to the 318th floor LOL, meet a bunch of people, including a baby, who he didn't know yet, be surrounded by food, and last not least, NILES! Actually, Niles was hiding and I don't know that T#3 even realized there was a cat in the apartment. But heck... he didn't bite, he didn't bark too much, he didn't pee on the carpet... what more can I ask for?

5) well... somehow I am thinking there should be a No. 5, but I really don't have anything else to say....

so... have a good one.


Nat said...

No.5 - love you girl ;-) It was so much fun and T3 is super cute! Oh and Niles had a big big tail when he sniffed T3 on his food bowl ;-)

Napkins are washed- spot free - and good as I can ironed!

Danyeela said...

Alles Gute für deine Ma! Und dein neues "Kind" klingt als sei es eine echte Bereicherung - schön!