Friday, July 18, 2008

Leaving on a jet plane...

not quite yet, but we are leaving for our vacation early Monday morning. And since I have a jam packed weekend including a finishing a three-tier wedding cake by tomorrow and lots of laundry and packing still ahead of me... I better sign off for now.

Don't know where and when I will have a chance to check in from our vacation. If all attempts fail, I guess I will post again in roughly 6 weeks.

Have a fabulous summer.


Nat said...

Have an awesome time Sweets- I will miss you!!!

Anonymous said...

Eine wunderschöne Zeit und ich freu mich schon auf hinterher, wenn wir wieder voneinander hören..sehen!!!
Liebe Grüße

socialbutterfly said...

genieße den sommer und vor allem deinem trip!!
kommt gesund wieder!!

Eeva said...

Have a fabulous vacation!!!