Friday, May 11, 2007

TV sucks

Can I say that on my blog? well, I just want to vent. See.... I love Grey's Anatomy. I love it so much, I even deal with having to watch it on German TV with German dubbing, which bugs me to no end. I bought the DVD of Season One so that I can watch the original. I would buy Season 2, but for some odd reason it comes in two separate DVDs and each cost as much as the whole season in the US and it is missing parts, so I haven't quite tried to scrape up the cash to splurge. Anyway, I love that darn show. And when I was complaining to one of my American scrapping friends, she told me to just watch the reruns on the computer. Now, how cool is that? All of the sudden, my TV viewing world didn't seem quite so gloomy. So, there I am, eagerly clicking through the site to get to the video feed. And what do I get? Not McDreamy or even George being a wimp, but a grey screen and the message "only viewers in the US can watch these full-lenght episodes". Now, don't they know that even viewers outside the US need to get their Grey's fix? Or that viewers outside the US would like to watch the show without aweful dubbing? I mean, if Derek doesn't sound like Derek, or Christina's little comments are translated into German and it just doesn't work or sound right.... what is the point? And how do they even know that I am not in the US? Mmmmmhhhhh, life is so not fair.

Okay, pout over.

Have a good one.

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Eeva said...

Oooh I soooo know how you feel!!! I have the same problem!! I looove Grey's anatomy and Gilmore Girls and I hate to watch them on German.