Thursday, May 24, 2007

Latest LO

I thougth I should do a LO combining the topics of a few of my recent posts. No, sorry, I am NOT going to show you my legs in Daisy Duke shorts... wouldn't want to scare ya, but how about shoes and the latest and greatest?

A LO I did for a challenge, to scrap an obsession. The scan is a bit dark, sorry.
Materials used: PP RougeDeGarance, Hambly Overlay, CreaMotion and BG chipboard, American Crafts ribbon and alpha.
Journaling: I confess I obsess... about shoes. Pretty shoes, expensive shoes,
highly impractical shoes. But oh, I must have them.

And here are my latest beauties, except mine are a leopard print. My lovely MIL sent them to me. Oh, does she know my taste in shoes.

Have a good one.


Nat said...

Ahh.- what a funky and cool layout- and...those shoes are cool! Can't wait to see you wearing them!!!

Eeva said...

Oooh my ooh my.. I would love to come and see your shoe rack.. or do you already have a walk in closet only for shoes ;) ;). I soo envy you. Your LO is FAB!!

KimmyS said...

OMG droooooooooooooooool over layout and shoes