Sunday, May 20, 2007

I am in love with my neighbor

Yes. There, I admit it. But before any of you tell me that I should be ashamed..... it is a pure, innocent, completely scrapbooking inspired love. And only scrapbookers would understand, because you know how much we can spend on glue.... tape runners, glue sticks, different kinds of liquid glue, photo tabs, double stick tape.... it costs a fortune. But we cannot go on without.

See, the man works for a large multinational that produces adhesives. The man is in sales. He has samples. Boxes and boxes of samples. 1000 of one particular glue that had to be recalled because of some little design glitch. But who cares about the design, the stuff sticks! And he just came buy with a whole box of glue for me after I had mentioned earlier that working at this particular company would be a dream gig for me. You know... like working right at the source.... kind of dream gig.

I tell you. I am in love.


Nat said...

lol- sounds like the kind of neighbour I would love too :-)

N. said...

Come on, come on, let's stick together *sing* ;-)

Eeva said...

LOL!! Now that is what I call a good neighbour!!

christiane said...

hehehe!! be simply happy!! :))