Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Getting too wrapped up in "the latest and greatest"

All die-hard scrappers know this, the quest for the latest and greatest when it comes to scrapbooking supplies. I mean, why on earth would you use last season's Basic Grey, Scenic Route or whatever they all are? The papers and embellishments we just HAD TO HAVE 6 months ago now languish in the dark corners of our super efficient scrap supply storage system, which we are equally likely to change, maybe not quite as frequently, but yeah, we are going to change it, when something new and more efficient and definitely cuter comes along. So, again all die-hard scrappers can relate, we have this ever growing stash of things we are never going to use, but feel guilty for wanting to throw it out, after all we spent a small fortune on it. Obviously we can hang on to it and if we hang on to it long enough, it might just come back in style, i.e. decorative scissors.... remember how anyyone who dared to use them a couple of years ago was laughed at? Obviously they were not with the times.

Anyway, a couple of days ago I was asked to make a small vacation album as a gift for someone. Colorscheme: Greece, anything blue and white. Okay, clearly that was going to be a problem, because I scrap girly pages, I don't really have any papers that fit that scheme. So I dug through the aforementioned stash and came up with a few different paper options. I was even going to offer my prescious RougeDeGarance, because to me the blue in those papers screamed "Agean See", but out of my 5 different blue options, the customer picked the oldest, plainest, least funky, most... well, boring, PP. Don't get me wrong, it is nice paper. I bought it about 5 years ago. It is a collection of stripes, little flowers, circles, and little squigglies, but.... well, it is just old. I just threw it in the selection because it was blue and white. I wouldn't dream of using it on any of my LOs these days. But someone who is not into scrapping, who doesn't know about the latest and greatest, it was perfect for what she wanted to have.

The same thing happened before. I was teaching a class to 5 young women. We were doing a couple of cards and a little tag album. These women are all in their mid/late twenties, stylish young women. They dress funky, their hair is cute, but... when they got to pick papers for their projects out of my stash, they again picked mostly my older papers and they were tickled pink to have found paper that was perfect for their project.

So... really, there is no point to my post. I KNOW I am going to keep wanting to get my hands on the latest and greatest, just as much as I am going to feel guilty about those supplies that haven't been used yet but are so last season.

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Iris said...

Ich versteh gut was du meinst. Für jemanden, der die neuesten Trends und Styles nicht kennt, ist es egal wie modern das PP ist.