Sunday, November 08, 2009

Yes, I am still alive!

I had, once again, some internet issues which made posting very long and tedious.... so I just gave up. But, here I am back. And hopefully my internet issues are a thing of the past.

Lots of stuff going on here but oddly enough, I can't really remember most of it.

I did go to the special sale at the Hamburgerwollfabrik yesterday. It's not like I need to stock up on yarn. After all, I am pretty sure I have enough yarn for a good dozen or so sweaters in my stash in the basement, but just the thought of actually seeing parts of the warehouse.... too cool! So while Trouble #2 was at a birthday party, I dragged Trouble #1 clear across town to the sale. Well, T#1 was less than impressed and whiny, so it wasn't all that enjoyable for me either. And then, when I had finally decided on some yarn, wouldn't you know it? My EC card was nowhere to be found. Of course I panicked, until T#1 mentioned casually, that she had seen it sitting on my desk that morning! Ughhh!!!!
So, I left without buying anything, but they are holding my yarn til Wednesday, when I can stop by again and pick it up.

Mmmhhh, what else? Oh, my painting class! I am having a lot of fun with it. After the less than enjoyable 2nd class where we had to paint a sunflower and then a poppy, it's not all bad anymore. I actually spoke up and told the teacher that painting flowers and still lifes was so not my thing, and that I really wanted to learn techniques and experiment with color and such, so maybe I was in the wrong class? But she is accomodating and is letting me do my own thing. I really like how my last two paintings turned out. If the lighting is right, I will try to get some pictures and post them later.

And since I hate posts without pictures, a few more from our trip to Nebraska. I am such a city kid, so seeing a bunch of wild turkeys in the backyard is really strange to me. There was a family of deer, as well, but I cannot find the pictures at the moment. If you are wondering how close the turkeys actually came.... the first picture is taken with my zoom lens since they were just on the other side of the fence, but the second and third picture were taken with my regular lens, standing on the deck.

So, how's that for wildlife photography? Grin!

Off to get the day started.

Have a good one.

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