Thursday, August 13, 2009

Something different for a change...

Two friends of mine are expecting... one baby (unknown gender) is due later this month and the other one (a girl) is due next month. And since I was getting tired of knitting "big", I bought some yarn to make baby things. Somehow I have a feeling both jackets are going to be way too big, but I suppose they will grow into everything.

One jacket is done.... just needs to be mailed off.

The other one is about 1/2 way done... will show it when it is finished.
I have lots of other knitty projects lined up, too. That's the bad thing about having a yarn factory store close by.... $1.00 skeins of yarn... who can resist?

Have a good one.


Dörte said...

die Jacke ist aber wirklich total knuffig geworden - da werden die zwei Freundinnen sich bestimmt sehr drüber freuen ! LG Dörte

Melli said...

oh wie süß ... über so ein süßes Geschenk muss man sich einfach freuen und das mit dem Reinwachsen wird wohl auch klappen ;-)