Saturday, August 22, 2009

Challenge #4

And it was time for Challenge #4 over at Paperbraut. The task this week was to lift the following LO.

If it looks familiar... well... it should. It's one of mine. I think I might have posted it a month or two ago.

Oye.... do you know how difficult it is to lift your own LO? Well, maybe it's just me, but I had a heck of a time with it.

So this is what I came up with. Sorry for the bad picture, my camera is still w/out battery, and I have no clue how to turn the flash off on Trouble #1's little camera.

As for the pictures, they are of my neighbor on his 30th birthday. There is a custom here in Northern Germany for young men, should they be unmarried or not yet engaged to be married, that they have to "sweep", usually the steps to city hall or some other public place, all the while dressed in some awful outfit. Since it was a Saturday and our neighbor had to work late, his buddies "welcomed him home" with this delightful outfit, including boxing gloves, and a box full of bottle caps which were threwn all over the parking lot. Oh, the joy!

The birthday boy has to sweep until he is "rescued" by receiving a kiss from a young maiden/virgin! I had a wedding to attend that afternoon but when asked, assured our neighbor that both Trouble #1 or #2 would be home to rescue him. Since both girls adore him, I didn't see a problem. Oh, I was so WRONG!!!! When it came time to go over there (with his mother) and she told the girls what they were expected to do, both girls were adamant that they wouldn't do it. They would "immigrate to Switzerland" (T#1) or "hide in my room forever" (T#2) rather than kiss an old man!!! This is the boy/man who taught them how to blow bubbles with bubblegum! This is the boy/man who recorded Trouble #1 playing "Jingle Bells" on her flute (an let me tell you... it is awful!) on his cell phone to use as a ring tone. Really, the girls adore him, but kiss him? No way!

So, that's the custom of "Sweeping/Fegen" around these parts of the world.

Supplies used: CS Stampin'Up, PP Pink Martini, misc. chipboard letters, Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist.

Have a good one.


KimmyS said...

SO, does that mean the poor sod is still sweeping??
I remember that custom and always thought it was rather funny - and they say Germans don't have a sense of humour...LOL

I know what you mean with regard to lifting your own layout - it is freakin' difficult! But I love what you did

Sarale said...

Cooles Hamburg-Layout!