Monday, April 13, 2009

No scrapping for me....

I don't know what it is... I just don't feel like scrapping. I have plenty of pictures. I have plenty of paper. I even got a new (yes, another...grin) toy... this one but I still just don't feel like it. On the other hand, I have been knitting like there is no tomorrow. There is a yarn outlet store close to the Troubles' school, so on Thursdays when they have swim practice and there really isn't time for me to drop them off, drive home, then pick them up again, I go and hang out at the yarn store. At 50 cents (and up) a skein... who can resist?

Anyway, I have knitted a few scarves and hats. And I started a sweater or two. They are waiting to be finished. And I started a jacket for Trouble #1. Unfortunately I had to frog it. I was winging it and shouldn't have. It turned out way too big and I didn't have nearly enough yarn anyway. Oh well, you live and learn. So, that's pretty much the excitement around here.

On a less pleasant note, we had to go to a funeral the other day. It wasn't a sad funeral, if you will. The decedent was the sister of my great-uncle's third wife.... and she was 85 and had been ill and bed-ridden for a long time. Anyway, she had never been married nor had children (and neither did her sister and my great-uncle), so the sad part at the funeral was that nobody really knew her. The pastor was having a hard time coming up with anything to say about her life and it came down to... she was born on such and such date in this town, graduated high school around such and such time, became a director of.... and a teacher of.... once my uncle's wife dies (she is 89), there won't really be anyone to remember her.

So, I guess I am taking this as a reminder to scrap more and to scrap more about myself. Most of my LOs are about the girls. Since I am usually the one taking the pictures, there aren't many pictures of me, and I have taken that as a reason not to scrap about myself. But, really,.... should that stop me?

And on that note....

Have a good one.


Nat said...

What a sad story about the funeral. But I so love your laout- gorgeous shapes and design!!!

Nat said...

What a sad story about the funeral. But I so love your laout- gorgeous shapes and design!!!

KimmyS said...

I am so the same at the moment - it is more knitting that I am doing rather than scrapping. I can just about squeeze the odd card in here or there.

Congratz on your new toy - it is certainly my best friend :)

Fienchen said...

Ich wünschte, ich hätte überhaupt zu irgend etwas Lust im Moment. Doch es fehlt mir an jeglicher Motivation :o(

Dein LO über dich ist phantastisch und würde dir wünschen, das du da am Ball bleiben kannst !

Ja und um dein neues Spielzeug beneide ich dich grad mal eine Runde. Viel Spaß damit :o)
Liebe Grüße