Friday, August 15, 2008

Sign of life...

not having internet access is hell. HELL!!! I tell you.

Luckily I can check my emails here and there, but anything else...

So, just a quick update. I will be home in 10 days, so after I come up for air from doing laundry and such, I will do a proper update with photos and all.

New York is fabulous as always. Love this city. LOVE THIS CITY!!!

Trouble #1 & #2 are having a great time, but unfortch are not city girls like me. They like the city, but would much rather hang out at the beach or at the park. Silly! Especially when there are shoe sales. And scrapbook stores. Actually, I have not gone crazy when it comes to either shoes or scrapbook supplies. But... might have to do some of both later this week.

Other than that, we are off to a (from all accounts) fabulous waterpark in Riverhead, NY, tomorrow. We have a boat cruise around Manhattan planned for Monday, a day at the American Girl Doll Store for later in the week, and I have an appointment with a headhunter. The finance industry is not doing so hot right now, but heck... never hurts to talk to people. Oh, and like I said, I definitely need to get some shopping time in there.

So, have a good one. See ya in 10 days.


Nat said...

Oh boy- I miss you!!!

Have fun -the boat tour sounds really cool!

Conibaer said...

Enjoy the last day of your trip and good luck for your meeting with the headhunter!