Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Canvas

Oye! I had this whole post planned out, with pictures and all, and wouldn't you know it? My laptop crashed! Black screen and all that good stuff. And of course all my pictures are on it. I am praying that it can be salvaged, because.... you know it... my backup is... well... non-existent. And a new computer is not in my budget right now.

I am hoping that Santa listened to my pleas for a new laptop, but in the meantime, I am thankful that I can use Trouble#1's computer. It doesn't have any of my files on it, but at least I have internet access. Can you imagine what would happen if I didn't have internet access? I think I would go insane! It's my connection to the world! All my friends and aquaintances are everywhere other than here and the internet is how we stay connected. It'd be like sending me to a desert island. Nightmare!!!

Anyway, since I cannot write up a new post, I will have to refer you to my post OVER HERE.

Have a good one.

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