Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nothing to say really....

summer break is in full swing and the kids are driving me nuts. Which also means, I am too "nuts" to scrap.

Went to see Harry Potter on Monday. I thought it was great, but there was once scene that scared Trouble #2. She wanted to go home right then and there. I suppose watching HP at a theatre is different than watching it on TV. T#2 is the absolute HP fan. She can pretty much recite every book by heart, and she knows all the scary parts of this book, but watching it, larger than life... that scared my little one.

Set up the pool on Tuesday. The kids are over the moon. Unfortunately it's been pretty rainy. But that hasn't stopped the kids from jumping in and enjoying it anyway. The pool is still a bit lopsided. Will have to see how I can get it level. And I still have to attach the pump/filter. Unlike the kids, I didn't feel like being out in the rain and trying to attach the hoses and such.

Wednesday... nothing exciting....

Today... nothing exciting so far, other than an impromptu fashion show. A package from Nana arrived and the girls are modeling all the new clothes. Direct quote T#2: Nana knows exactly what I like!" Let's hope she feels like that still when she is a fussy teenager.

So, off to eat lunch, and carry on with my less than exciting day.

Have a good one.

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Nat said...

Oh poor T2! Can't wait to see you tomorrow!