Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I am going to run out of LOs one of these days....

if I keep posting every day!

I found these pictures of Trouble #2 a while ago. She was so little in those pictures! And she is being her goofy self: having breakfast UNDER the kitchen table, sporting a glove on one hand a la Michael Jackson, not that she'd know who MJ was, but still....

Supplies: this, that and the other from my scrap box. Trying to use up stash!

My neighbors are getting married tomorrow. So me and my other two neighbors are being good neighbors... how*s that for having the word "neighbor" too many times in one sentence?... and decorating their front door for their surprise Polterabend. Somehow I have the feeling the couple may not be entirely happy about the surprise, but heck... the bride's sister is the one who organized the whole thing. On the other hand, I hear "clanging" noises from next door right now. The groom is cleaning up his patio and taking recycling out, so maybe he is onto the whole thing? Either way, I will post pictures, since I don't know that Polterabend is done anywhere else, other than in Germany?

It is looking like a good day out today. Sunny and warm.
So, have a good one.

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Nat said...

LOL- definetly a german thing ;)

love the layout - hahahaha-the pictures are too cute!