Friday, October 05, 2007

Blog Love

Just because I really haven't done much scrapping ... still recouperating from our WS weekend and all, and what I did get done isn't quite done yet, so something totally unrelated to scrapping and shoes....but you all know I love baking and cooking. I especially love to experiment with different spices and ingredients. I love Italian food, Indian, Chinese, Sushi, I especially LOVE Thai food and anything spicy. But I also love some good old fashioned home cooking. Traditional German food....not my thing, but American? Sign me up. I love THIS blog. Nothing like good ole' artery clogging home cooking. In big batches. Home cooking. Nothing fancy, but all flavor. Really fattening. REALLY Yummy! Check it out. It is good!

Have a good one.


christiane said...

ahhh, what a yummie blog!! tfs!! and i'm also recovering from last weekend!! enjoy this one!! hugs

Nat said...

ohh I love food blogs- I have a couple in my blog roll - thanks for the tip!

Still recovering too- but it was cool ;-)