Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Back from NYC!

Yes, for you doubters out there, I did come home. Kicking and screaming, but yes, I came home. But now, more so than ever, I know I need to go back and stay.

Anyway, I am halfway done unpacking, burried in laundry, and otherwise beat. I have school in the morning, so I will only leave you with proof that I REALLY was in NYC: The alleged #3 most popular tourist attraction, none other than the

I have no idea who the chick is, but I wasn't going to pose myself. To quote Trouble #1: "He is gross!"

Off to bed I go. More tomorrow.
Have a good one.


Nat said...

No way- you saw the nacked cowboy- LOL!!!! Good to have oyu back- hope I see you soon!

christiane said...

hehe!! love your shot!!
so good you are back. and if you go back to the states i will follow you for holidays!! ;) hugs!!