Friday, April 13, 2007

Kids, Sun, and scrapbook talk

Yesterday us "city folk" Nat, and I took Trouble #1 and Trouble #2, AKA India & Hayden on a road trip to visit Schulu, for a day of fun, family and fascinating scrapbook talk. Okay, I am reaching on the "fascinating" part, but it was fun and I am sure any scrapper can relate.

After the initial shyness disappeared, the girls had a blast running around with Christiane's boys, playing hide and seek, chasing the dog through the field and, slinging around the rubber chicken, Schulu's husband BBQ'd for us, the big "girls" got to talk scrapbooking in person and not as usual via e-mail or on the phone, and in the end, Trouble #2 fell asleep on the couch, Trouble #1 snuggled up on Nat's lap and we basically froze our behinds off out on the terrace, because despite the cold it was just too beautiful an evening to spend it inside.

It was close to 11pm when I finally got back home and the kids into bed.

Since I am such an old-fashioned girl that I still take analog photographs, I can only post pictures Trouble #2 took with #1's little digi cam. I sure hope the whole "Germany's next top model" or whatever Nat and Schulu kept calling her, pans out, because a photographer she is not (yet).


Nat said...

hehhehehe- I tótally love the two figures from the Ü-Ei! I think she has a good eye for cool photos - LOL!

Hugs - it was gorgeous and I hope we will repeat it soon. See you Sunday!!!

christiane said...

such a wonderful day!! we should repeat it asap!!
have a great weekend!!