Monday, April 16, 2007

And then there was light... ahhhmmmm, TV, I mean

You know, I don't watch much TV, but not having TV to watch was pretty hard for the first week or so. Now it's been 6 weeks of no TV and it has gotten easier. But, wouldn't you know it? My lovely Internet/TV provider who shall remain nameless, finally managed to deliver my receiver box.

See.... 4 weeks ago, already two weeks into being TV less, I received a very friendly letter, stating that to their regret they couldn't send out the receiver box quite yet, because the age confirmation thingy failed... I am lacking the technical term here, so bear with me, they couldn't confirm that I indeed was over the age of 18 and since they are a concienscious company, they couldn't possibly risk me watching someing age inappropriate. So... after being able to control my fits of laughter, I mean, Trouble #1 insists that I am 27 when we all know I am NOT, so I am definitely not a minor, I called customer service and the lovely young man that I talked to agreed, that though his math skills were quite poor, with my stated (and confirmed in their system) birthdate, I was indeed a tad bit over the age of 18, and he promised he would look into it and get it taken care of ASAP.

Fast forward 2 weeks: I received 2, I mean "TWO" ,letters from unnamed TV/Internet provider, providing me with my super secret very important, only under threat of death ever to reveal, TV access codes. Except... what do I do with them? I have nothing to access anything with?

Fast forward one more week. I checked online as to what the status of my order was. It was marked as being "Stage 4" (out of 5). Mmmmmhhh, sounds promising, but then...not really, because, it's been Stage 4 for 3 weeks now. But, I got busy, the weather was too good to be spending much time inside, so I forgot to call CS.

Fast forward another week to TODAY. I came home to find a large box on my doorstep. It is THE box. The receiver box. Yeah. Silly that I am, I read the label on the shipping box that GLS had affixed: MOVED! and then, on another label, higlighted in yellow pen, my new adress.

Now why, since I have changed my adress on all the possible form, have confirmed several times with CS that this was really my new adress, would they still send out the oh so important box to my old adress?????

But, all is well, I unpacked the huge box, there are several little boxes inside, with splitters, modems, receivers, miles and miles of cables and plugs and do-hickys.... I guess I better figure out how to create the most hazardous cable maze, so that anyone trying to get through my hallway will invariably trip and fall down the stairs. The builder of my house, in his infinite wisdom, has only provided me with one phone outlet, and it is in the hallway, about 5 feet from the front door. My TV is at the other end of the house.

Have a good one.

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Nat said...

bwahahahaha - lol- nice one!