Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Things on my mind...

I am still recovering from the fabulous Cherry Pie Event this past weekend in Venray, Netherlands. I had so much fun and got so much done. But between the lack of sleep and the stomach bug that somehow got to me on Monday... I am exhausted and trying to squeeze in naps anytime I can. If you are up for a whole weekend of workshops and scrapping, and fun... you really should attend next time. If I can swing it financially, I am definitely considering it.

So, since I didn't manage to actually finish anything at the event so I would have something to show and I am blessed with a somewhat "temperamental" internet connection these last few days so I cannot even upload anything older... you are left with random things weighing on my mind like:

Ritz Crackers! Good stuff! TUC crackers... not quite as good, but heck, right now I don't care.

Diet Coke tastes icky... but add enough "Old Monk" Rum (my favorite... and my uncle just brought back a bottle from India) ... yeah, all is good!

Trouble #1 is driving me insane! And it's only a short walk. Drama Queen! Pre-Puberty. 'nuff said!

Trouble #3 (aka Rajah, the dog) was so excited to see me when I came back from being gone all weekend, I thought he was going to pee on himself. It's good to feel loved! Okay... T#1 and #2 were super excited to see me, too. I wasn't worried about them peeing on themselves!

Only 5 more days till our vacation!

So, what kind of food is the Netherlands known for?

There should not be any meat in mashed potatoes. It's a texture thing. Or maybe it's a dutch thing?

I hate rain!

I hate yard work!

I hate yard work in the rain!

My vacuum cleaner broke. How do I clean my house without a vacuum cleaner before we go on vacation? On the other hand... perfect excuse! Duh!

I want chocolate! But I grabbed a Milka Nut Raisin bar instead of a Milka Hazelnut bar at the store and I just cannot eat it.

And I just googled Milka Nut raisin bars and I cannot believe they sell for $2.50 in the US! I bought it for €.89, which is about $1.30. But it is still gross!

So... that's about all that's on my mind right now.

Have a good one.


Nat said...

LOL - like your thoughts ;)

Bettina said...

Try the nut raisin Milka bar after a long and strenuous hike - delish!
Have a great trip! Long live the good old "Herbstferien".