Monday, March 26, 2007

14 more to go

remember that no shopping thing? well.. I sort of fell of the waggon on that one, couldn't quite resist a great sale and a few other bargains, but I haven't actually USED any of the new stuff. But, I am now up to LO 86 and should get done with my original goal of 100 by April 1, as I had planned.

I am also still waiting on two packages which are probably circling the globe for the third time by now. My MIL sent me a goody package and the package with my PaperPosies January&February Kits still hasn't gotten yet. I am going to be really ticked off if neither package gets here.

Other than that, I am trying very hard to pretend that I am not sick, but I think by tomorrow I might have to concede to the fact that I am. I feel crappy and keep coughing, which in turn has brought on a migraine.... and my meds aren't really working, because I keep coughing.

On that note,
Have a good one.


N. said...

oh oh, hoffentlich geht's Dir bald besser! Ein Päckchen oder zwei würden die Genesung sicher vorantreiben, ich drücke die Daumen :-)

Nat said...

Oh nein-. hoffentlich wirst Du nicht krank!!! Ansonsten - Päckchen kommen garantiert!!!!