Saturday, December 16, 2006

Countdown to Christmas

I hate this. One more week til Christmas and I am NOT in the spirit. I haven't done any baking, I have barely gotten the Christmas tree up, the advent wreath not until the second Advent. Have I lit any candles yet? Noooo, are you kidding me? That would mean actually having time to enjoy the season. Ughhh. And of course this year with Christmas Eve being on Sunday, school goes til Friday, so there is no time to actually take time, does that make sense? I will be racing to the grocery store on Friday after school, to get ready for the long holiday. No stores open again until Wednesday. I have to admit, I have so gotten used to at least a few stores being open on all holidays in the US and I really miss that.

Anyway, enough complaining, better go and "feel the season".

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