Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Funny girl....

As you might have noticed, Trouble #2 comes up with the craziest things. And she did it again this past weekend.

Journaling: Conversation after breakfast...
T#2: Now the tank is filled.
Loud burp!
T#2: that means the tank is filled!

I guess she isn't going to turn into a little lady anytime soon.

And then, this morning, I noticed this poppy in my yard. I love poppies. Poppies make me happy. I just wish they would last longer.

Have a good one.


Nat said...

LOL -she is a riot.
Ohhh and I love poppies too- so beautiful!

Melli said...

schönes Layout und das Journaling ist schon lustig ... aber das wird bestimmt noch irgendwann mit der Lady ... sie hat ja noch Zeit ;-)

Maj-Britt / said...

*lach* ... das hätte von meinem Sohn kommen können ... genial festgehalten ;-)